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On-Line Jewish Periodicals

Examines the role of on-line Jewish periodicals in the lives of American Jews.

This paper examines the social networks of American Jews to explain how periodicals, particularly online publications, are reinforcing and expanding and improving the Jewish community. The author of the paper uses a case study, interviews and information collected on the role of online Jewish periodicals on the American Jewish community to test the hypothesis that the internet fosters active communication within and across social networks and that promoting online periodicals to existing social networks, strengthens community ties and increases resource flows.

The number of Jewish people in America is estimated in a variety of ways, so it is difficult to determine exactly how many American Jews there are (Falk, 2000). Those who consider only Jews with synagogue affiliations claim that a best essay there are only about 4.4 million Jews in the United States. If we add those affiliated Jews who view themselves as Jewish although they are not affiliated with any Jewish religious group then there are approximately six million Americans who claim to be Jews in random telephone interviews. Jews constitute 2.9% of the population of California. There are approximately 90,000 Jews residing in San Francisco.

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